Frustrated with the diet industry? Join the club.

Last week, I shared with you a new term I created: Modern Health Enthusiast, in order to set the tone for the next five weeks where I’ll be breaking down my 5 Ways to become a “Modern Health Enthusiast,” inspired by the recent Time magazine article “The Weight Loss Trap”.

I’m going to be counting them down from #5 to #1, starting today.

If you’ve been burned by the diet industry, #5 is for you.

#5 – Make amends with your past diet failures

One of the quotes I read every morning before I start working is:

“Starting today, I need to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what’s coming next.”

This quote is meant to serve as a reminder to me each day to learn the lessons of yesterday, be grateful for where I am today, and get excited for what I’m going to do today that’s going to move me forward toward my goals.

After reciting that quote each morning, it helps me be in the present – to let go of not just yesterday, but the past, while taking those lessons into the present, in order to build a better future.

I understand why a lot of people, especially us women, are frustrated with the diet industry.

First they said fat was bad for you, so “low-fat” and “fat-free” options started flying off the shelves.

Then they said fat is okay, but it’s carbs that are bad. So then the Atkin’s diet was the next hot thing.

Now it’s all about gluten, Paleo, and the latest trend, the Ketogenic diet.

Did I forget some other diets in there? I’m sure you can think of a few I missed like the grapefruit and cabbage soup diet.

Look, I get you. I get why you’re annoyed, frustrated, and may have lost faith in the diet industry altogether.

They may have taken your money and left you in worse shape than you were when you started one of their diets, especially because what often happens is that when you go on diet after diet, your body gets less responsive each time, and you find yourself getting fewer and fewer results each time, even though you’re being ever more disciplined and strict.

If this has happened to you and you’re angry and turned off by it all in general, I get it.

That’s why you’ll never hear me pushing a diet, supplement, or even any weight loss brand.

If you ask me what I eat or any supplements I take, I’ll tell you, but I’ll never recommend anything to you because my reputation is important to me. The last thing I want is for you to lose your trust and faith in me if I endorse something that we later find out is bad for you.

Here’s the thing. If you finally want to get results that will last this time, you’ll have to make amends with the past and all the diets you’ve tried.

Realize that what’s done is done and be ready to move on.

If you’re not ready to do this yet because the scars run deep, I hear you, although remember that it’s not too late to do it the slower, yet permanent way this time.

I’m always here to help you with that when you’re ready.

On the other hand, if you’ve been burned by the diet industry, but you’re ready to put it behind you and look ahead, consider reflecting on my morning quote:

“Starting today, I need to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what’s coming next.”

Then grab that journal of yours and get to writing:

  • Start by ranting. Get your anger out. Go ahead.
    • When you feel like you’ve gotten it all out (might take more than one sitting), it’s time to move on.
  • Start a new page in your journal and begin “appreciating what still remains”.
    • In other words, write out the lessons you’ve learned from past diets that you’re going to take with you. Additionally, how have those past experiences help mold you into the woman you are today?
  • Finally, it’s time to “look forward to what’s coming next”.
    • What are your new promises to yourself?
    • How will you approach nutrition from now on?
    • What’s your next step in this direction?

Not sure? Schedule a call with me and I’d be happy to help you.

Next week, I’ll be sharing Part 2 of 5 with you on how to become a Modern Health Enthusiast.

Miss last week’s post on this? You can read it HERE.

See you next week!

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