Here’s what Kim’s clients are saying!

“I have really enjoyed meeting other women through Kim’s Flourishing 50s community. It has helped me tremendously so far this year and I look forward to new friendships with women who get what it feels like to be 50 and at the same time are ready to face this decade with strength and a sense of adventure.”

~Sandy M., 51

“With her programs, Kim offered a safe place to begin to take responsibility for our own health and happiness with the support of her as our coach and the other participants going through similar life experiences. The calls and work assigned inspired and encouraged a nurturing way to make meaningful improvements.”

~Cindy D., 50

“What I really liked about being a part of Kim’s group is that it gave me a place where I could express myself amongst a supportive group of women all interested in living their best life in midlife. It really was a lovely way to spend an hour.

The regular calls kept me accountable and I looked forward to each session. It was like a mini vacation learning how to transform my life into one that fit my true self in my 50s. Thank you, Kim!”

~Melissa W., 58

“Thank you Kim! I didn’t expect the outcome I had when I initially signed up for ReINVENT Your Health. Part of the great gifts in life you get is when you take a chance. I still use some of the techniques taught in ReINVENT Your Health. Now in her Small Group program, WOW. I have defined core values to me and actually live them.

Kim, you have exceeded my expectations. You truly care about people and it shows by what you do and the caring and compassionate way you connect with your clients.”

~Norma H., 53

“Leverage on your strengths! What a wonderful way to transform your health and well-being. The ReINVENT Your Health program is welcoming, challenging and has made a lasting impact on my life by helping me re-focus on the connectedness of my current health habits in regards to my sleep, food, mood and exercise.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and committed to a program and wellness coach I did not know anything about. I gave Kim 100% of myself and followed the program. Even though hard at times, Kim was there for me. Kim’s coaching ability allowed me to begin to see the strengths that have been hidden away for too many years. The risks I took to share with Kim and the group gave me the confidence that I CAN move forward in my health and wellness journey in my 50s and beyond.”

~Jane G., 55

“Kim’s years of experience and knowledge of health make her the perfect facilitator for groups of women of a certain age. Her path has allowed her to collect anecdotal information on the thoughts, feelings, challenges and physical issues women face at midlife.

As a participant in her program, I found great similarities among the other women and me. We were all from different walks of life, but shared the same basic, day-to-day struggles of how to look at food and how to fit any kind of exercise into our busy lives.

The assignments and goal setting that Kim encouraged really worked for our group and by the end, each woman felt she had made positive steps toward healthy habits. Kim addressed each woman’s challenges individually, devising unique solutions. When you’re ready to start facing what you need to do for your future and your health, RUN, don’t walk to one of Kim’s programs.”

~Paula B., 54

“Kim was referred to me by a close family member, knowing some challenges I was facing they thought she could help. After the first month, I was so surprised at the holistic approach and how powerful the sessions have been for me.

I think Kim has a gift to not only understand women in my age group, she’s intuitive, actively listening to what I want and need. She got to the core and helped me create a realistic plan. It may sound basic and something you think you’ve done before, but it truly is different and powerful.

I am really grateful to my family for the referral and Kim, who continues to amaze me as we take this journey together, I feel blessed.”

~Heidi B., 55

“I enjoyed participating in one of Kim’s programs and having the opportunity to have a safe environment to share. Kim is a very motivational and supporting coach!”

~RCG, 59

“Through a combination of her knowledge and experience in exercise physiology, her connections with multiple experts in the field of women’s health, and her buoyant personality, Kim provides a valuable service for women in midlife.

Her coaching style, both on her Flourishing 50s community and within the courses she’s put together, is direct, sincere and always upbeat. Kim deftly facilitates discussions by questioning, listening and responding and truly has her finger on the pulse of what it means to live this stage of life vibrantly and purposefully.”

~Jen O., 56

“I love being a part of the Flourishing 50s community. I met Kim nearly two years ago and she has been supportive, generous and kind since that first chance meeting. I so appreciate the community she’s created, the support she’s created and the warmth that she exudes naturally.

Kim is an incredible coach as well, cheering for my success and offering positive thoughts about how to create change. She’s a powerhouse of inspiration and a tender, kind-hearted leader. I have loved every interaction with her and feel strongly that she has changed the trajectory of my health and fitness. Thank you Kim!”

~Leigh S., 54

“As a member of Kim’s Flourishing 50s community, what I have appreciated most is that I’m surrounded by women my own age. This community is down to earth and relaxed.

It’s great to hear other women talk about things I can relate to. I’ve found that we share similar stories and issues. Through the sharing, it’s given me ideas on how to deal with the things that I’m going through as well.” 

~Vicki F., 51

“Having Kim as a health and wellness coach for the past two years has been a transformational experience for me.

Kim is an incredible coach and holds a keen insight to the needs of her clients and offers a non-judgmental point-of-view when giving her feedback. By fully utilizing the online resources, and actively participating in the weekly assignments, Kim gently steers my path in a more self-loving and health-conscious direction.

With her enthusiastic show of support, and strong attention to detail, Kim provides a feeling of unconditional backing in a clear and concise manner that turns her weekly assignments into something thoroughly enjoyable, as well as thought provoking.

I particularly enjoy the shared camaraderie and long-lasting friendships that are formed within this very loving and dynamic group of Flourishing 50s.

Kim is definitely one of the best coaches that I have ever experienced! She is an expert in her field and treats you as if you were her one and only client. Thank you, Kim!”

~Janet M., age 56

“The Flourishing 50s group allows me to be who I am without judgment. Because of this, I’ve been able to speak my truth without hesitation or fear of criticism.

I love the two-way communication that takes place between not only Kim and her members, but also amongst the members themselves. Week after week we share our thoughts, our struggles, our experiences, our high and low points. It definitely is a sisterhood, one where we truly care about each other.

I give thanks to Kim for her hard work and thoughtfulness she puts into every exercise each month and every week, for making sure there is a beginning, a middle and an end, and for being upfront with us and helping us to be our best selves. Each and every topic has touched me in a positive way.

Flourishing 50s has given me awareness, joy, brought about changes and has helped me to be the person I am meant to be.”

~Teri M., age 58

“I have spent much of my 50s making changes to build my life into one I love. I made the decision to hire Kim as my private coach to help me get over my biggest hurdles once and for all.

Kim has helped me identify what was most important to me, make a plan, and she holds me accountable. She helps me figure out and understand the motivations behind my bad habits and gives me tools to make changes. She reminds me not to expect perfection from myself but to push myself out of my comfort zone and to keep moving forward. 

After only a few months of private coaching, I have made major lifestyle changes in areas I have struggled with for years. She reminds me to focus on my strengths, learn from my mistakes and to take the time to acknowledge my progress. Kim is a highly skilled and motivating coach!”

~Patty S., age 56
“Working with Kim was amazing! She helped me focus on my life to set goals to be healthy, wise, and happy in my 50s and beyond. Kim will be a tool in my life now and in my “brighter” future! She’s a blessing!”
~Susan R., age 53