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An “Oldie But Goodie” Reminder

I spent last weekend visiting our nation’s capital. I always think of you on the plane when they play that safety video where they remind us to put our own oxygen mask on before we help others. I think of you when I see this because I know that you may have spent most of…
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How many of these "12 Happiness Strategies" are you exercising?

Several years ago I committed to being a life-long learner, so in addition to reading a lot, listening to podcasts, and going to conferences and seminars, I also take online courses on health, happiness, well-being, and living your best life. I love passing on information that I learn to you, so I hope you enjoy…
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[Free Download] Updated & Upgraded “Transformation Daily 10 Checklist”!

Awhile back, I created the “Transformation Daily 10 Checklist” (TD10 Checklist), which is a checklist of the 10 small but powerful actions that I believe will completely transform not only your health, but also your life in your 50s if you do them on a daily basis. Well, I’ve been working on updating and upgrading…
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There’s No Time to Wait

This past Wednesday, America experienced another horrifying tragedy. A mass shooting broke out in San Bernardino, CA, which is less than 50 miles from where I reside. The terrible truth is that this is the world in which we live. None of us are exempt from saying “See you tonight!” to those we love before…

The 3 Most Important Investments You May Not Be Making in Your 50’s

When I speak to women about the three investments I believe are the most important in their 50’s, most, if not all agree with me 100%. However, very few are actually doing them. I have found that they really want to invest in these areas. First, here’s what I believe are the three greatest investments…

“Now What?” in Your 50s

Have you ever asked yourself, “Now what?” That’s exactly what Hélène Tragos Stelian asked herself when she hit 50. Hélène operates an exciting blog called “Next Act For Women”. She is on a mission to inspire women to reinvent themselves in midlife through her blog. It came as no surprise that Hélène and me hit…
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The Liebster Award: Get to Know Me and Other Bloggers!

Fellow blogger Suzanne Stavert of Adventures of Empty Nesters nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is an award for bloggers to recognize and get to know other bloggers. I had to answer some questions about myself, then I get the opportunity to nominate a few other bloggers to participate. Check out some of the…
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What 5 Women Do You Most Admire?

Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Malala Yousafai… Your grandmother, your mother, your friend from work, your neighbor across the street, your sister, the lady you frequently see at the coffee shop, the 85 year old fit woman at the gym… As you travel through life learning more about…

How Spiritual Yoga Can Transform Your Life

This past Wednesday, on my radio show Phenomenal 50’s on the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, I interviewed my midlife friend Jan Tucker, who recently launched her online magazine called, which introduces people to spiritual yoga concepts as opposed to physical ones. Jan says that these concepts can “improve your life in wonderful…

The Lie We’re Often Told As Young Girls

Whether we were told, learned by example, or both, the message often relayed to us as young girls (sometimes subtly and sometimes powerfully) and carried throughout the generations is that we should put everyone’s needs before our own and make sure everyone else is taken care of before we take care of ourselves. This is…