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Redwood Retreat Recap Part III: How to Manage Your Energy Step 2 of 2

Over the past three weeks I’ve shared some of the activities I led my 2017 Redwood Spring Retreat attendees through over the weekend. If you’ve stuck around for all three, thank you! I hope you’ve found what I’ve shared helpful as you create the healthiest and happiest life possible in your fifties.

To review, in Part I, I shared with you the 5 Things We Can Learn From Redwood Trees.

Last week, in Part II, I talked about the first step in How to Manage Your Energy.

Today, in our third and final part of the series, I’m going to share with you Step 2 in How to Manage Your Energy. But, if you haven’t done the exercise I shared in Step 1, you must do that first, because today I’m going to tell you what to do with the results you got in Step 1.

Again, if you haven’t completed Step 1 yet, go ahead and do it here and then you can come back for Step 2 afterwards.

Last week I covered the evaluation process of “energy management” and today I’m going to share the execution process so that you can begin to take steps toward creating a life that is filled with activities you love and enjoy because they bring you energy and begin to lessen the activities that drain your energy.

Let’s start with the activities that you currently have on your schedule that drain your energy. There are three things you can do with those activities. Like last week, I include another worksheet you can use to complete this second step.

Last week, your job was to “evaluate” how you spend your time. This week, we’re going to take those results and move to Step 2, the “execution” phase.

Click here for the downloadable PDF worksheet for today’s exercise.

Again, we want your schedule to be filled with “green” activities – those that bring you energy and lessen as much as possible those “red” activities – those that drain your energy, so that when you look at your normal week at a glance you’ll see a lot of “green” and little to no “red.”

Since we want to keep the things you have in “green,” today we’re talking about what to do with the “red” – the activities that drain your energy. Remember, we want to minimize these things as much as possible. Here are three things you can do:

#1 – Eliminate

If possible, just get rid of it like you would an outdated or worn out piece of clothing. Now if this activity is something you can’t just eliminate, like your job for example, then let’s see if #2 or #3 can help out.

#2 – Delegate

If possible, ask for help. This can be uncomfortable for us women, but take into consideration that some duties of yours are in better hands with someone else.

Delegating can also involve hiring someone to do it for you. Take a housekeeping chore for example; can you hand some or all of it off? Can you hire a housekeeper a few times a month or at least once a month? Imagine how this could free up some time and energy to do something else you enjoy – something that “brings” you energy.

#3 – Increase Efficiency

If the first two aren’t going to work for you, is there a way you can get more efficient with the activity? Can you do it faster or find a better way to do it?

I work with a few teachers who spend a lot of time grading papers outside of work. One of them found that if she puts some of her favorite music on while she grades, she not only gets through it faster, but it also makes it more enjoyable.

For those “energy draining” activities you cannot eliminate or delegate, can you find a better way to do it or at least make it more enjoyable somehow?

Now, perhaps you have some obligations that you just absolutely cannot eliminate, delegate, or increase your efficiency with them. If so, just accept it for the time being.

If it’s something like a job or care taking for example, be sure that you schedule in some time for things that bring you energy so that it offsets some of these uncontrollable “energy-draining” duties.

I hope this exercise has helped you begin to take steps toward improving your energy management. This was just one of the exercises that I led the ladies through at my retreat. It was helpful to do this as a group in a live setting along with sharing and discussion. A lot of great ideas came up that others were able to adopt as their own.

I’ll be having another retreat next year in April, and if you’re interested in attending, you can get on my waiting list and I’ll keep you updated so that you don’t miss out. Let me know you’re interested by clicking here.