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Earn your splurge!

I like to start my coaching sessions with a question.

One that I like to ask is, “What is something you’re looking forward to?”

The Biggest Difference Between a “Cheat” and a “Splurge” Meal

Is there a difference between a “cheat” and a “splurge” meal?

Yes, and that difference is BIG.

In fact, this might be one of the most important articles I’ve written, because knowing the difference between the two and changing how you view these so-called “cheat” and “splurge” meals/foods, can be the difference between living a healthy, enjoyable life and taking yourself through a viscous cycle of yo-yo “dieting” year after year.

Summer Produce: What to Buy Organic

Today, I’m going to share with you what 12 fruits and vegetables you should buy organic. You might even find it helpful to print the list out or write them down before your next trip to the grocery store, or just pull it up on your phone the next time you’re in the produce section.