3 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I was recently a guest on the Midlife Schmidlife Podcast.

Host Liz Applegate helps women reclaim their confidence to recreate their lives and redefine midlife.

I was honored to be Liz’s first guest as she kicked off Season 2.

Some of what I shared on the podcast included:

  • Advice my future self in 10 years would give my present self
  • The day I decided to leave a 15-year career as a personal trainer to become a Health & Self-care Coach for women in midlife
  • A personal and vulnerable story I don’t talk about often

Let’s just say we laughed, teared up, and everything in between.

Take us along with you on a walk, drive, work out, or while making a healthy meal in the kitchen (at least these are the times I love listening to podcasts!).

I hope you leave feeling more inspired and hopeful.

Listen to our conversation here.